Jody Azzouni


Something to keep us company while you're away

Originally published in Salonika 1:8, 1997
Added 11/11/2019
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Something to keep us company while you're away

Poem | Jody's Notes


I have sat at funerals,

fidgeting like a leftover,

thinking of the rocks

so smugly immortal.

Amnesia is a poor substitute

for their grainy serenity; better

to think of what remains as gifts

—not the tired flesh

packed finally into the ground,

but the orphaned pets, conveniently

furry for easy contact, or the memories,

soft guides for the uncritical neurons

temporarily lost in their network.

Even the wounds can remind us

of the humpbacked scab,

and how its moonskinned love

sometimes heals us. But best of all

are the words, if we can find any,

crushed flat on paper

but still smelling slightly

of the sound they once had.