Jody Azzouni


Here are three excerpts from my novel, "The Short Life of Colors," that I wrote in 2010. I posted two of the excerpts from the novel  for the first time in November, 2012. Another excerpt from the novel has been published in Passager, Winter 2014, and I've posted it here as well.

Also here is an excerpt from another novel of mine, "The Chameleon Artist," that I wrote in 2011. It was published as the short story, "Excerpts from The Vampire's Guide to an Ethical Life," in Futures Trading in November, 2014.

The Short Life of Colors

Appears here for the first time
Added 11/29/2012

The Chameleon Artist

An excerpt from this unpublished novel that has been published as a short story is available here to read and to download.
Added 11/09/2014