Jody Azzouni


Out of Earshot

Originally published in Ellipsis 32:2, 1995
Added 10/13/2017
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Out of Earshot

Poem | Jody's Notes


Only rarely does a shell

look like an ear, and usually

only to a child. When I was

that way, I’d squat for hours

fondling my small pile of seabones,

and telling them whatever

I happened to know.


I practiced dialogue where I could,

in caves, or with the occasional animal

tame enough to reciprocate. I am

older now and perhaps I sound cynical

when I feel my ears, and

notice how stiff they are. Rumor

has it that our ears could move once

and perhaps I have a memory or two

of something like that. But what

muscle was there is gone now, and I

can only wonder if it’s a voice

when something manages to penetrate.