Jody Azzouni


Odin gets to see it all

Originally published in California Quarterly 35/26, 1991
Added 8/10/2020
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Odin gets to see it all

Poem | Jody's Notes


Hungry for control, the dangfool god

gouges his own eye out

and drops it in the seedy well.


Then he gulps down the thick stew

Mimir has ladled out for him: pond scum,

decomposing bird … not pure by a long shot

but the usual for neglected wells.


“I don’t think I’m any smarter,” Odin says,

the throbbing in his esophagus finally subsiding.

Mimir shrugs and counsels patience.

Sure enough, at dawn some days later,

there is dew for the first time.


Those awake at such an hour wonder

what large thing has spent the night crying.

And some centuries hence, Christians

will suspect dewdrops are angel-eggs.

But for Odin they are new eyes,

and he sees the dawn

from everywhere at once.