Jody Azzouni


The Story of Death

Originally published in Albatross 23, 2012.
Added 5/02/2020
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The Story of Death

Poem | Jody's Notes


Imagine how (after millions of years)

the heavier energy of the sun

bursts free. Such things travel in spheres:

they communicate globally.


I’m telling you the story of light

and darkness. (Any description has

both, and only both.) Here is


the other half:

The hope of darkness in the hint of shade

(there is still life in the back of the closet).

The small child

trapped in the dark of dreams

—this is no metaphor—

screams her way into light.

Her parents bring peace with a switch

on the wall.


Over and over again

there is this contrast,

staccato like texture.

We lose sight of it

in the galaxy of color (the

rampaging rainbow, with its promise

of organization).


Shape is deep,

when it reflects itself in color.

The fragment of sculpture: it

aspires to motion by decay.

Here too (all so sadly) there is the lesson.


You know how the story ends:

the twilight that brings.