Jody Azzouni


Oracles for Modern Times

Originally published in Cider Press Review 6, 2007
Added 6/19/2021
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Oracles for Modern Times

Poem | Jody's Notes


1. Notice there is too much gold

    in the air these days.

    It is a message from the ozone

    that light will soon be acid.

    Sunshine is everywhere

    and if we are reborn as urns

    we will make good still lifes

    for what is next to come.


2. Notice the coins in our pockets.

    They are godheads without magic.

    Their flat mouths are quiet.

    We waste only time

    if we stare at the divine faces

    trapped there.


3. The clocknest is nearly empty.

    When the amygdala panics,

    it prays to whatever gods are at hand.