Jody Azzouni


Medusa Variations

Originally published in Salonika 1:8, 1997
Added 8/14/2021
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Medusa Variations

Poem | Jody's Notes


  1. Hair is dead—

but we worship it anyway.

You wear it high,

the secretive brain

reduced to the stuffing in a throne.

You turn everyone’s head

one last time.


  1. No snake dangles from the camera

as it hangs off my neck like a pet,

but it flattens beauty on paper

the way no monster ever could.

Quick as flashes, photons

collide against the camera’s retina,

die like butterflies—

their blood staining their final resting places.


  1. In the museum

everything is laid out neatly.

The jealously guarded boxes of color

are as orderly as tiles.

Once I watched the stigmata of rainbow

spread across the sky like the slap

of a god’s hand. But here splayed light

plays quietly against the tattooed wall.


  1. Dead on arrival,

the leaves gather in my backyard like art.

            As usual, I touch nothing.