Jody Azzouni


The Vampire's Gift 

Originally published in Z Miscellaneous, Fall, 1989
Added 8/10/2020
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The Vampire's Gift 

Poem | Jody's Notes


I expected bats, fangs,

the usual openmouthed coffin.

Instead he woos me with poetry of a sort:

“Dreams are baggy shadows

bursting their skins each dawn

and colorsplashing the mornings.”


Why I fall for this, I don’t know,

but we do things in bed I don’t quite remember.

And before he leaves,

he gives me a diamond

with a prominent spot of blood

deep inside.

“We fertilized it,” he explains.


I sleep fitfully,

naturally enough,

and dream that when he caresses my face,

it comes off in his hands.

At dawn, when I awake, the diamond is gone.

But there’s a child now

I must feed whatever I can.