Jody Azzouni


Extinction Consummated

Originally published in Mythic Delirium 10, 2004
Added 2/22/2020
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Extinction Consummated

Poem | Jody's Notes


The image-dappled mirror

with ghosts that kiss Narcissus

full on the lips. Echo’s

stereotyped cries flutter like bats,

her image dead to light.

She watches his body slim to ribbon,

waffle to the end, her expectation

cut down in its very prime:

If only if only.


We reflect on this myth; yield

a name or two of a flower

in memory; wonder if,

in time, her appetite

would have diluted into fetish.


The gods hate in many ways:

Her blood they turned to light

scattered among blinded eyes.

The rest of us they simply crumple.