Jody Azzouni


How to improve your mood

Originally published in Purple Patch 103, 2002
Added 10/14/2019
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How to improve your mood

Poem | Jody's Notes


Should you look in a mirror,

tame the glass chameleon

with dim lights,


and capped teeth.

Realize the two-dimensional life is best,

for even a little thought

will erode the forehead.


Should you take a bubblebath,

coo at how the bubbles

group in nests,

but overlook that they’re as bald

as baby skulls

and that they giggle when they pop.

Don’t notice that soap

however solid

is always on the way out.


Should you sit in a garden

marveling at the flowers,

be aware that surgery is sometimes called for:

the slash of light

that severs the shadow from us.

Flowers delight us

only when we see them from the neck up.