Jody Azzouni


The Facts of Life

Originally published in Poetry New York, 4, 1992
Added 10/14/2019
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The Facts of Life

Poem | Jody's Notes


Think of Eden,

God’s green womb,

where the fruit hangs down

like strange spherical cheeks.

I tell you:

we were lucky to get out of there alive.


kisses are two-faced

like promises kept and given.


the skin needs company regularly,

friction is a gift,

and even pupils dilate when friends are near.


I admit the intimations of worse to come:

the dust is always suddenly there.

And raisins, wrinkled like warnings,

come boxed.

But tonight, when we hold hands,

the nerves blossom on the inside,

our bodies slowly burn the moist

calories slick between them;

even the pliant mouth is trustworthy.

Tonight the candle offers its single petal

and we are full of gods.

Later, after we sigh like sponges in bathwater,

there will be time to hear the soft

chewing sounds the clock makes.

But not until tomorrow morning

will it shriek its simple message.