Jody Azzouni


Persona Non Grata

Originally published in APA's Newletter on Philosophy and Medicine 92:1, Spring, 1993
Added 4/08/2021
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Persona Non Grata

Poem | Jody's Notes


I do not visit graveyards,

for the dead are jealous.


I will be too.

It will start at the wake

when meat slides from my bones like water,

spills upon my mourners like a vengeful dye,

stains their memories forever.


Later, when you think you have the mess

safely buried, the coffin will sweat my flesh

in bright drops; they will congeal at leisure,

visit my friends that evening

and commit unspeakable acts of nostalgia.


The undertaker may cure meat with his chemicals

and some he may can for good.

But, one way or another,

I will be sick forever.