Jody Azzouni


Amateur Theology

Originally appeared in The Hollins Critic, 1986
Added 4/08/2021
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Amateur Theology

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the sky looks like the inside of a skull;

its clouds the puffy white brains

of a retarded God.

On such days, I think skyscrapers

are acupuncture needles:

too weak a cure for too grave an illness.

Other times, its clouds look like white frilly silks

against the blue thigh of a vain God

too silly to think of us.

Some days, clouds resemble the white mist

a small boy-God blows over his blue hands

on a cold day: the sun

reminds me of a small fire barely enough

to warm him after a romp

through the empty cosmos.

But there are those days, like today,

when clouds look like the discarded napkins

of a vampire-God gorging himself

on the day’s dead.

The sunset is especially beautiful.