Jody Azzouni


Jean has claimed

Originally published in Hanging Loose 79, 2001.
Added 7/12/2019
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Jean has claimed

Poem | Jody's Notes


Like a cigarette

in a hand

she has left a trail of gesture behind.

She has claimed

that I love

only in the past tense,

that only too late do I hear her voice

in objects left behind.


The stuff of connection

is matter too. Despite the hopes

our dazzled eyes arouse,

it is not light.


And only light does not age,

only light does not die.

Because (this is science—

not Buddhism:) only light

runs at lightspeed.


I reach for analogies:

The late Roman empire

each evening marked with sunblood

(saints dotting the landscape,

pinned like butterflies;

halos, here and there).


They too were like me

(are like me: tense is treacherous now),

hopeful as seed. Light is

the only water left to us.